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Our Products (Cont)

Bank Waxes Gold

or Silver Only

This fine Wax is also recommended for the making of Seals for all Diplomas and Certificates. The texture of the Wax allows a high definition to be achieved.

The consistency of this Wax allows a variety of uses for Commercial Purposes. Being a plain stick without any Taper/Wick the sticks can easily be broken upand fed into a pan or Heater/Dispenser for pouring directly onto the surface for larger applications. Come in boxes of 10 sticks or 20 sticks.

Glass adhesive or Bottle Wax is made principally for the "Bottling" industry. Being of a more viscous, thicker consistency when melted, this Wax is suited to the immersion of the top of the bottle for sealing or the use of a decorative seal being placed on the side of the bottle. 3.2 kilos per pack.

Glass Adhesive Wax