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Waterstons Sealing Wax Limited, 23 North Leith Sands Edinburgh EH6 4ER Tel: 07941 413214

Our Products

Large, approx 20mms in length sticks with Taper. This Wax is designed for high volume hand use, such as bags and securing bundles of mail.

This traditional hand crafted Wax offers a superfine quality with strong adhesiveness well suited to ensuring the security of documents and letters. This fine Wax is also recommended for the making of Seals for all Diplomas and Certificates. The texture of the Wax allows a high definition to be achieved. The consistency of this Wax allows a variety of uses for Commercial Purposes. Being a plain stick without any Taper/Wick the sticks can easily be broken upand fed into a pan or Heater/Dispenser for pouring directly onto the surface for larger applications.

Available in a range of attractive colours, Mura Wax whilst incorporating all essential sealing qualities, is intended for more decorative purposes with great appeal for the Art and Craft market. Mura with a taper/wick throughout the length of the Wax, can be melted by lighting the taper and letting the melting Wax drop directly onto the surface to be used. With good adhesive quality, this Wax is ideal for the induvidual user to add that special touch to personalised Notepaper or Greetings. Available in a range of colours.

Mura Taper Sealing Wax

Bank of England

Letter Wax

Postal Taper Wax

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